About Us

For 25 years we helped HYL Steel Technology:

    • develop equipment and processes

    • troubleshoot plants during start up

    • produce multiple patents

In 2001 we started Tecmen Consulting,
and we have developed equipment and processes for companies in England, Germany,
Qatar, Australia, Ecuador, Colombia, Dominican Republic and United States.
Some of these ideas have been granted world patents.

RCA Training and consulting, using the TapRooT® method, has allowed us to be involved
in reactive and pro-active analysis in multiple incidents and accidents worldwide.

We have extensive experience in implementing innovation projects.
Give us a call, we can help you.

To be known worldwide as a consistent supplier of effective solutions whether technological or managerial. We strive to provide quality services and effective results

Help our clients come “out of the box”, keeping a global vision of the system and avoiding the blame game.

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